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2012 events

12/12/2012 - 17:30

Meeting with Paolo Prodi to mark the appearance of Paolo Prodi’s books.

07/12/2012 - 09:00

The history of popular justice is, undoubtedly, one of the least developed historiographical fields when we factor in the interest that still surround its related stakes today. The strong reactions following the recent introduction of jurors in French correctional tribunals demonstrate this interest.

23/11/2012 - 10:00

This is one of a series of ERC-funded events, organized by the Italian Voices project in the University of Leeds, that explore oral culture, in its relation to the written word, in Italy between about 1450 and 1700.

21/11/2012 - 09:00

Study meeting organised by the Reggia di Venaria Study Centre and the Trento Italo-German Historical Institute

14/11/2012 - 17:00

Lectio magistralis by Ernesto Galli Della Loggia Emeritus Professor at the Italian Institute of Humane Sciences.

23/10/2012 - 16:00

Presentation of the volume "Politische Interaktion in der italienischen Stadtkommune (11.-14. Jahrhundert) Thorbecke 2012".

11/10/2012 - 10:00

Seminar organized by Storica—FBK-Isig—Dipartimento di Filosofia, Storia e Beni culturali di Trento

11/09/2012 - 18:30

Event in the framework of the Study Week 2012 "La transizione come problema storiografico. Le fasi critiche dello sviluppo della «modernità» - 1494-1973".

11/09/2012 - 15:00

Transition as a historiographical issue. The crucial phases in the development of ‘modernity’ (1494-1973).

24/05/2012 - 15:00

One of the most significant aspects of recent historiographical work on war has been the attention paid to the cultural representations of conflict.